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Counting the Days (And the Numbers)

Well, it’s been a while. Obviously. But as the season gets closer, I’ll have a lot more to write about, obviously. In the meantime, I have some items to sort through.

Moves so far this offseason:
Freddy Sanchez: Declined his $8.1 option for 2010, and signed a 2-year, $12 million contract.
Mark DeRosa: Signed a 2-year, $12 million contract.
Juan Uribe: Resigned for one year at $3.25 million, up from $1 million last year.

Off the books: Dave Roberts ($6.5 million), Noah Lowry ($4.5), Randy Winn ($9.6), Randy Johnson ($8), Benjie Molina ($6.5), Bob Howry ($2.75), Rich Aurilia ($1).

Off the books for 2010: $38.85 million
On the books for 2010: $15.25 million
Payroll freed up through FA: $23.6 million

Subtract from that $2.4 million added onto Aaron Rowand’s contract ($9.6-$12 million), plus the arbitration cases of Johnathon Sanchez, Brian Wilson, and Tim Lincecum. I figure that the net cost of these three could run anywhere from $17 to $32 million. So I admit I was surprised to hear that the Giants extended Adam LaRoche an offer of 2 years and $17 million. I wonder what the front office is expecting to pay for this trio of pitchers…

As for the signings themselves, I am glad that the Giants have been more conservative with their spending, though I am a bit disappointed that the team hasn’t been getting much younger (Randy Johnson notwithstanding). My hope is that DeRosa and F. Sanchez do for the lineup what RJ did for the starting rotation last season. Yes, I’m talking about those dreaded intangibles. It certainly sounds silly, but it seems to have worked for our pitchers, and our anemic offense is no secret. Bring on the Bam-Bam.