No Prisoners

You know, I was just going back and looking at the highlights of the Giants-Dodgers game at AT&T on August 12th… Yes, that game. Eugenio Velez taking out Russell Martin at home plate. McDonald pegging Sandoval on the hands and clearing the benches. Sandoval’s dodge on the basepaths. Manny answering with a slithery dodge of his own. Lincecum’s would-be complete game. Some of the most questionable officiating I’ve ever seen. And Uribe’s walk-off shot in the 10th to stave off sweep. Good old-fashioned hardball.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Hits it high, hits it deep… We are going home!” It’s been recycled over and over again in the season recap videos. But what grabbed me most about the videos was Renteria getting in Martin’s face when the benches cleared, still wearing his sweatshirt. Lincecum’s surprising burst of emotion when they gave Furcal that iffy call at first base. And Uribe walking off the field after the game-ending home run, only to have Freddy Sanchez jump on his back.

Sanchez had been a Giant for maybe two weeks at that point. He probably played in about five games. But he talked about coming from the Pirates, where he’s never known a playoff chase, or a rivalry like the one shared by the Giants and Dodgers. In that brief moment, you could see that he loved playing for San Francisco.

We might not have a very good offense at this point. It frankly makes me want to tear my hair out sometimes. But these guys want it bad. If the Giants stay healthy in 2010, the Dodgers and Rockies had better watch out.


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